Our Next Meeting
Upcoming Events

We will meet the First and Third Tuesday of
each month at CSX Headquarters. This is not the same as every other week.

It costs $30 to be a member for a year.

Dress is business casual: Khaki slacks, a belt and a polo shirt are appropriate (We give you a CSX polo shirt when you join.)
Shorts and t-shirts are not appropiate. Sagging trousers are not allowed in the building.

Nov 25th, Dec 9th, Jan 6th:
Three part series on how to setup a business and make it work
Jan 20th:
Start of the Stock Market Game
Feb 3rd:
Understanding your Credit Score
Feb 17th:
Managing your Cash and Credit

Mar 3rd and 17th:
How to buy a car and What Does it Take to Move Out?
Having a great time, whether we're working or playing!
CSX Corporation 500 Water St, Jacksonville, FL